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Intelligent CrossFit

Black Box Fitness is a strength and conditioning facility dedicated to excellence in athletic education and health promotion. We care about you. We want to know who you are, what your goals are, and how we can help you achieve those goals.

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A regular gym charges you for access to the equipment, but doesn’t teach you a thing about how to achieve your individual goals. Here at Black Box, we create a learning environment where you can truly understand your physical capabilities and improve your health across a broad spectrum. We are teachers first and foremost, dedicated to the highest quality instruction and ensuring that you get the personal attention you deserve.

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"If you want a challenging and effective workout Black Box Fitness is the place to be. With the expert advice of all the trainers at Blackbox Fitness I lost 70 pounds in one year." 

"I have been doing Crossfit and eating Paleo for nearly a year and LOVE it!  My body can do things I never thought possible."

"I've never looked better, I've never been stronger, and I've never been more aware of the effects of nutrition and exercise on my body. "

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